Welcome to Aspiring Women, a community developed specifically for women who want to Find their Flow.

Through my journey as a working mum, a coach and consultant working with women across all levels of organisations and workplaces, I have seen and experienced first hand the challenges working women face today. In was in response to these challenges that Aspiring Women was founded, a community that provides the tools, experiences and support needed to move you from where you are to where you truly Aspire to be –  living your life with choice and purpose.

  • Do you struggle to find balance and time for yourself and your passions amongst it all?
  • Do you feel pulled in all directions and feel your life is in the control of others?
  • Did you used to have dreams and desires but they are a distant memory right now?
  • Are you wanting to have children but are worried about the impact it will have on your career?
  • Do you find yourself repeating the cycle of the past – when you promised yourself you would do things differently?
  • Are you returning to work as a new mum and want to set up the right habits and relationships for success rather than fumble through?
  • Are you Aspiring to set up a successful business and a family and not sure how to make it happen?

If you answered yes to any of the above – you are right where you need to be and this community is for you.

Check out our coaching programs, useful resources and join our community and share your story. Sign up for our newsletter on the right to stay in touch with the Aspiring Women Community, tap into inspiring stories and access practical tips and hints for finding your flow. I look forward to hearing your feedback on how you see Aspiring Women helping you and those you know.

Until then, remember to be the change you want to see (Gandhi).

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Dropping the ball – and knowing which ones to pick up again!

Today I lost it – my sh*t went straight out the window and you know what was the trigger – trying sooo hard to hold everything together!

The image of a juggler with balls comes to mind… they are all in unison, colourful, even rhythmic in feel. I was so in flow – I thought I had all the balls covered, just the right amount of balance between the anticipation of the next ball, feeling the weight and presence of the current ball in my hand and the gratitude and pride in tossing the last ball just the right amount for it to join in the others floating through the sky, projecting right where I intended it.

Then another ball is tossed into the mix.  A ball I had forgotten about and hadn’t anticipated in my day, albeit a very valid and important ball and one that others were relying on (today it was a phonecall with a potential client that I had booked in but forgot about).

The fact that one ball was enough to throw all the others out – send all of the balls not only crashing to the ground but scattering under lounges, down staircases and  across floors, shows me that my juggling act didn’t have much room for error. More importantly what it showed me is that there isn’t much room for choice, growth or appreciation of what is happening around me. Running this close to crash, to sh*t flying out the window,  is not sustainable, not realistic and beyond the immediate satisfaction of ‘getting things done’, not that enjoyable!

I am so grateful that there are people in my life who understand that we all drop the ball sometimes, people who are there picking them up for me and whilst they probably want to throw them at me (peg them at me more like it for the tantrum I threw as the balls went everywhere) they actually pick up the balls and say, “hey, how about I look after this one for the moment whilst you go and find the ones under the lounge”. Thank you to those people, for picking up the balls, for taking some and looking after them and for really making it no big deal when this so called “professional juggler” drops them!

Now… after a couple of big breaths, some perspective and a pep talk to myself I’m off to prioritise, hand over and reassess. Time to appreciate the space between the balls – rather than fill the gaps with more balls. 

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